Bomtech Cosmetic Tattoo Machines

Bomtech cosmetic tattoo machines ( Korean made products)

Machines suitable for both cosmetic tattoo and skin needling.


Bomtech's mission is to raise the inner beauty of each customer. To create a beautiful and healthy life for each customer in the world.

Founded in 2000 this company makes medical devises and cosmetic tattoo machines and skin needling machines they are a leader in their field of digital machines.

You can authenticate their machines as their are copies on the internet: download from app store, scan the hologram,link back to their offical website.

This company strives for continual technical innovation, they safeguard all their patents.


Each of these machines take the same Revo digital needles, easy to use in one single cartridge, individually sealed and sterilized. No back flow into the hand piece to prevent cross contamination. 

The company runs an office from Sydney servicing the Australian public and they do excel in the service area.

Honest reliable machines, easy to use with the ability to perform all cosmetic tattooing procedures.