Regulations have changed and you must now purchase all anaesthetics from a compounding pharmacy.

I know how important it is to have the correct carrier for your anaesthetics to work correctly.  We require a cream for before procedures and the PH has to be around 7 for the skin to absorb them.  Once the skin is open, we then require a Gel both and should be water based.  The anaesthetics we are prescribing with these pharmacies are made up of Lidocaine 6% and Tetracaine 4%.



Our College uses this blend Pre Numb:


Pre Numb -  6% Lidocaine 4 %Tetracaine in a cream base we prefer Lipoderm as the carrier cream.


During procedure - 6% Lidocaine 4% Tetracaine and 0.1% Epinephrine and PH 7 Gel


10gm Cream is $30 & 1gm is $3.95.

10gm Gel is $25 & 1gm is $3.50.


1gm is sufficient for a Brow, Lip or Eyeline procedure and should cover your perfection visit also.


The compounding chemist we recommend is:



Discount Chemist


Shop 119, Horton st

Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

T: (02) 6583 2134




Discount chemist anaesthetic form



Please call 0444576162 if you require more information.